Int. autosport nieuws: 'Nuerburgring with a Tracksplit'

Would Mark Webber have been able to win when he would have started from the back of the starting grid at the Formula 1 race in the Nuerburgring?
His speed was so much faster then his competitors that he would have had a very good chance when there would have been a Tracksplit in the circuit. The possibility to overtake a competitor would have been given even if some competitors use KERS and even the fact that he would have had to work hard on the whole circuit to be close enough to his competitor to be able to overtake him in or after the Tracksplit.

We would have seen a deserved victory with a lot more spectacular racing moments and overtaking manoeuvres and most probably still have about the same result at the finish.
This situation would have been about the same with the race at Silverstone where Sebastian Vettel showed his supremacy in the same way as Mark Webber did at the Nuerburgring.
The winners of the race are the same and with a Tracksplit there would even be more winners; the spectators at the circuit and in front of the TV, the sponsors because every car would have been in the picture for quit some time when the fight with the faster drivers would be there. The races would be exciting from start to finish because at the end of the race the tire and brake performance could lead to a big difference in lap time and be an advantage for some cars and drivers who could overtake then at the Tracksplit. Blocking a car for several laps would not be possible anymore nor would be the advantage of KERS.

Bron: Wil Joosten, media






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