Int. autosport nieuws: 'A (r)evolution in car motor sports?'

In motor sports, overtaking is sometimes very hard. That results in the fact that spectators on the circuit and in those watching television don’t see much action. The start is often the most exciting part of the race and after that it becomes boring.
With two new and registered copyright ideas, car races on the race tracks should become more spectacular and more interesting to watch. A change of the circuit with a  ‘Tracksplit’ should make overtaking easier and with a ‘Ra4Do’ formula, close racing and action should become obvious.

The ideas are presented on the website, enabling everybody involved or interested in motor sports can look at them, send a reaction and vote.
The idea behind Tracksplit is to build into a a construction on the race track, that splits the track into two lanes, so that two ideal lines are created. When these lanes are exactly similar in a way of a mirror image, it makes no difference for a race car driver which lane he takes. At the same moment, two competing drivers can each take a different but equally fast ideal line. This way, they drive next to each other, brake, make  turns and accelerate on their own ideal line with less risk then we know from a normal track.
During the whole race, overtaking will be possible, because there will always be two ideal lines at a certain place on the circuit.
The drivers will have less trouble being blocked by other drivers, but at the same time they know that someone can be overtake them more easily.

To be able to really overtake at the tracksplit, the driver needs to position himself well on the other part of the circuit. If the distance to the competitor in front of him is too big he has no chance of overtaking at the tracksplit. Therefore the drivers need to race close together and need to take more risk in other turns to be close enough to overtake the competitor in front of him in, or directly after, the tracksplit. But the risks are not higher then today! Therefore, there will be more action all around the circuit and not only at the tracksplit.
For the security and safety of the drivers, each tracksplit needs to be designed to be visible for the drivers, so that dangerous situations and accidents can be avoided. To reduce the risk driving towards and out of a tracksplit, there should be white lines on the track, alike the entrance and exit of a pit lane.

The ‘Ra4Do’  (race for dots/points) formula is based on circuits with a split track and could for example be applied to the Formula 1 championship,  as this is the best known series in the world.
The differences between the ‘Ra4Do’ formula and the actual Formula 1: In a track record rally, the drivers fight for the track record on the Saturday before the race. This rally replaces the qualifying session for the starting grid because the starting grid will be based on the scored points in the championship and the driver with the highest score starts from the last position, the number 2 in the championship starts one position in front of the point leader, etc.. Imagine Kimi Raikkonen, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton have to  start from the last positions on the grid in Australia and have to fight their way back to the podium during the race. That this is not impossible was shown by Felipe Massa last year when he finished 6th in Australia, coming from the last position of the grid.
With a Ra4Do formula. the drivers need to become all-round professionals, fast to score during the for a track record rally, clever and brave to overtake during the race and strong and powerful to be able to fight during the whole race. The number of ways to score points for all the performances is rewarded: points for the top 5 track record drivers, points for the top 10 finishing drivers of the race, a point for the fastest lap driver during the race and the top 3 drivers with the highest number of position wins during the race.

What do the race fans think about this? What is the opinion of the drivers and what will happen if the motor sports fans like the ideas? drivers are looking Which motor sport organization will dare to change the formula and go for spectacular and exciting races? A new race season is coming up and we will have a whole year to watch the races and have time to discuss the two ideas when there are any dull moments in a race. is an interactive website, that is updated before and after every Formula 1 race with a track design, imaginary race results and the reaction from fans and drivers.
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